Cafe comes to library


Marissa Emlet and Olivia Fry

It’s a new year with a new librarian, and new opportunities for students as a new cafe will be put in at the library this October. Denise Mancuso, the newest librarian at the high school, gives credit for the idea of the cafe to Kevin Roberts, Assistant Superintendent. Roberts says the idea came after visiting the Dallastown Area School District. More school districts are beginning to add cafes to their libraries, and  Roberts believes that it is a service that would be advantageous to the students here at Big Spring. The goal of the cafe is to create a comfortable environment for students to learn, study, and collaborate. Roberts said that the cafe is only a part of a bigger plan of establishing the library space as a learning commons. The overall goal is to make the library the “learning hub” of the high school.

The demolition for the cafe is currently taking place on the left side of the library. In mid-October, the cafe will be open to students all day and will serve coffee, fruit parfaits and other small pre-made items similar to those served in the cafeteria. Chartwells will run the operation, but Cherie Powell’s retail management class will be involved. Several students gave their input on the idea of the cafe based on what they had heard. Some students like Logan Cornman said that he will not use the cafe, but thinks that it is a cool idea. Other students disagree with Cornman. Deanna Stoner said, “I think it’s an excellent idea and I will definitely be going.” Dillon Novak said, “If it’s cheap, I like it.” The prices of the cafe can be expected to be the same prices found in the cafeteria.

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