Backward locks surprise students


Jarrod Johnson, reporter

Last week, many students found backward facing locks put on their lockers and they were frustrated by not being able to get their belongings for class. Principal, Bill August, said that the school administrators are enforcing the rule in the handbook which states, “Since each student is assigned a locker and a combination lock, students are prohibited from sharing lockers and/or combinations. Each combination lock is to be secured to its assigned locker at all times.”  This is so other students are not tempted to place their things in an unlocked person’s locker, especially items which are illegal.  

The custodial staff also found food and other waste stashed into the empty lockers, which caused them hours of extra work. Cory Hoffman and Charles Smith, both administrators in the high school, agreed that it was also a problem, especially in regards to stealing. “ It’s really about reducing a problem.” said August. “ Someone might have something stolen and they want help from the office, and they should have had a lock on it in the first place.” He went on to say there are people in big spring who seek opportunities to steal.  

This year students not using their locks,  had some put on backwards.  August said this was a way of telling students to talk to the administration.  “I thought it was a prank, but really it was the school,” said Morgan Bear, who found her lock on backwards after her class one day. Connor Greene said, “It was a waste of time.” In the end, August said, “It’s just returning to the way things should have been.”

Greene also said, “If something gets stolen from your locker, it’s your own fault and you shouldn’t go cry to the office if you didn’t put your lock on”.  Regardless, this seems to be the new rule, and there are no exceptions in sight.