Graduate conquers Appalachian Trail

Truman Heberlig, Reporter

Adventure is one thing that most people want in their lives, but do not ever take the chance to do it. This past spring to the end of summer, a former graduate of Big Spring hiked the whole Appalachian Trail. John Lange of Newville started the trail in Georgia and traversed the whole way to Maine. Lange graduated in 2008 and went to college. After a fews years out of college Lange decided to do what he has dreamed of for a long time and hike the Appalachian Trail. Chas Heberlig has been Lange’s friend since High School when they both attended Big Spring. Heberlig said, “I always knew that John would hike the trail because he is the most outdoorsy man I know.”

Lange had to traverse 2,168.1 miles from Georgia to Maine and did it within five months from start to end. Lange did have a little break during the whole trail he was able to kayak for a part of the trail. Two of Lange’s friends drove down with their kayaks and Lange’s white water kayak since it is one of his favorite past times. When he came close to Newville his friends brought him home for a week and he was able to be around his friends for a small time before he once again started on his great adventure. When Lange got back he said, “My experience on the trail was something I will never forget, and it is something I will always be proud about doing.”

“A Walk in the Woods”, both a movie and a book about Bill Bryson and a friend who traveled the Appalachian Trail, was recently released in theaters everywhere. The movie is similar to Lange’s experiences and is currently showing at the Regal Cinemas in Carlisle.