Students react to new iPhone


Melanie Macioce and Lidia Edwards

Every year Apple releases a new iPhone claiming to be bigger and better, but we are putting their claim up against student’s opinions.

On Sept. 9, Apple came out with many new releases including the new iPhone.  According to the Apple website, the iPhone’s new features include 3-D Touch, a new design, a new color, and a 12 megapixel camera. The installment of 3-D touch allows the user to reach different options with apps to make navigating the phone easier. With the new design, the phone is made with 7000 series aluminum (the strongest alloy ever used in a phone), a retina HD display, and the strongest glass cover used on an iPhone. Finally, the big news is the new color: rose gold!

The internet blew up about the rose gold iPhone and so did students.  Katie Meves, a freshmen, wants the model based on the fact it comes in rose gold.  Erin Brandeburg, also a freshman, is super excited about the iPhone coming out. She said “It’s the best thing ever!”  Brandeburg is super pumped about the new rose gold color because “people like pink.” She doesn’t really have an opinion on the durability other than testing it herself. The 12 megapixel camera is also exciting because Brandeburg has the iPhone 5C, which has a 8 megapixel camera. Finally, Brandeburg thinks the 3-D is a great addition and the phone is definitely worth buying.

However, not as many people are as impressed by the new iPhone as Brandeburg. Logan Conklin, a junior, said, “I think it’s a joke. Apple just sells the same thing and makes no changes.”  Conklin feels like no changes are major enough to buy the iPhone 6S. Eli Warner, a freshman, is less than pleased with iPhones in general.  He believes Apple is making them less durable, even though it’s against Apple’s claim. Warner also believes “all iPhones are just the same.” However, the new color and 3-D touch impressed Warner.  According to Warner “colors sell” so it was a good business decision on Apple’s part to create a rose gold model. But, Warner was most impressed by 3-D Touch. He believes it is a beneficial addition and said “it sounds like they made a good feature for once.”  

Overall, students can see pros and cons of the new iPhone.  While some features meet the standards of the students, others are just viewed as useless.  The iPhone comes out Sept. 25th for the pros to review.