Flex time reviewed by students, teachers

Flex time reviewed by students, teachers

Big Spring High School started “Flex Time” last Monday, and after 2 full weeks, many students are weighing in with their opinion on this schedule change.  Flex Time allows students to schedule time with a teacher in order to get extra help, make up work, or learn something new.

“It makes me feel prepared.” said sophomore, Mackenzie Seville. She and many others agree that it can allow a student to get help in a class they are struggling in.   Freshman, Amelia Ingraham also said, “Flex time gives us more of an opportunity to figure out what we need to do or where we need to go in advance; and helps us plan lunches with our friends.”  For some students, the biggest draw of Flex Time is being able to join multiple clubs. Jenna Brobst, junior, said, “I like that I get more choices, but it makes for more stress.”

Although, there are good things about Flex Time, there have also been negative comments made about it.  Seville said, “I don’t have any teachers that eat B lunch; but all of my friends are in vo-tech.” Students may find themselves unable to eat lunch and hang out with their friends some days. Brobst said, “You have to sort through dozens of teachers and can’t always get into the class you need.” Teachers are limited to the amount of students in a classroom at a time, so this in turn limits the choices of students.

Teachers are also weighing in.  Daniel Tigyer, social studies teacher, said,  “There was one login issue where one  student’s name didn’t show up until after Dawg time was over.”  Students are to sign up for their Flex Time ahead of time but the question is, do they sign up like they’re supposed to? Tigyer said, “So far from what I’ve seen, yes they’re signing up.” Overall he said, “I think the system keeps it pretty well organized, and you know where you’re going.”

In regular classrooms students are working well with the number limit, but the library may be a different story now that the new cafe has been added. Denise Mancuso said, “Overall I think it’s going really well. It’s not too crowded.” In general, “Students like Flex Time, they can get more things done throughout the week.”