Activities Collaboration Group shows school spirit


Marissa Emlet, Reporter

This year, students may notice an increase in student sections and activities for them to take part in; what many students don’t know is that most of the activities are planned by the Activities Collaboration Group. The group is new this year to Big Spring, but Randy Jones and Lisa Black have been planning the group for the past year. Jones said, “This year we have been able to get people together to make it happen.” The student sections have been much more organized this year, thus giving the impression that the Activities Collaboration Group must be working.

“The Collaboration group was created for people from different groups to get together and talk about what they are doing in hopes that one message can get across to the student body and the athletic department is able to help.” said Jones. The group is led by students that were recommended by their fall sport’s coach. Olivia Fry, one of the leaders of the group, thinks that the group is working well. “I take notes during the meeting, but I, as well as the other volleyball captains are also responsible for being a bridge between the team and the Activities Collaboration Group.” said Fry, “ We have people from each team discussing what they want at their sporting event and with that we’re able to support each other.” With the upcoming winter season, there will be more leaders added to the group and therefore, even more support for the athletes.

Student sections are not the only project that the Activities Collaboration group works to conquer. With the help of Dawg Pound the group has been able to place posters on the cross country course for their senior night and have held theme nights for all the fall sports. The student sections, however, are gaining the most attention. “I think our student sections have been outstanding at football games. We’re not just getting athletes, were getting a little bit of everybody from the school and that’s the goal of this collaboration group.” said Jones. “My favorite thing that we do is planning the student sections and picking themes for the games.” said Fry. At the meetings, however, there is more than just student sections being discussed. Ideas for activities to take place on the weekends and even during the school day have been proposed. “I think the sky’s the limit to get excitement and support for our student body.” said Jones, “Encouraging our classmates and rallying around them is a great way to show our hometown pride.”