The Chief says goodbye


Dillon Bennett, Reporter

In 1976, Greg Hershey became the youngest chief of police in Pennsylvania, and today he works with students in the Big Spring High School emotional support classroom, where he is simply known to all as Chief.  Hershey worked for 25 years in the Newville Police Department before coming to the high school, and in both positions said, “I’ve seen some tragedies, you know and as they say I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

In Chief Hershey’s total 39 years of serving his community he has done it all, from arresting bank robbers to lassoing groundhogs, but he has not done it for the glory. He has done it to help the people of Newville, first as an officer of the law then helping the town’s youth, and Hershey was dedicated to both.  Having been here so long Hershey has learned a lot and has some wise advice for students regarding their time in school, “It’s your education; don’t let anyone take it from you. It’s not the teachers or the schools.”  He also advised that that students watch what they post on social media, because by the end of his 25 years he had to assign one officer to do nothing but look at Facebook.

However, all good things must come to an end and after 25 years as a police chief and 14 years at the high school he is ready to retire. “I’m gonna miss the kids and Ms. Best and all the teachers, but I’m ready to retire.”  They will miss him too, as Heather Best said, through a few tears, “I’m sad to see him leave, but I’m happy for him. He deserves this retirement.” After 39 years of serving the people of Newville, the Chief is ready for some time for himself and as Chief Hershey said, “It’s better to go out on top of your game; you are only as good as your last fight.”

Now Hershey plans on relaxing at his beach house in Delaware and doing some salt water fishing.  This winter he plans on learning a new skill by making some birdhouses, and when it warms back up, go to his place in Delaware, kick back and catch some fish.