August Takes the Mic


Keanna Burkholder, Reporter

In a short time, Open Mic time, the brainchild of principal Bill August, will be introduced into the Growler Cafe at the high school. August explained that he got the idea while driving through Carlisle. He noticed a coffee shop that had an “Open Mic Night” sign. August said, “We could try something similar with our ‘coffee shop’.” Not only did he think it would be an interesting idea, he thought it would be a good chance to let the students at the high school express their talent. August doesn’t foresee any problems with this idea, and said, “I understand that it will take a little bit of time getting the idea off the ground, but I think it will be a huge success.” Some users of the library might see this as a distraction, but the limited time Open Mic Time would be available might assuage those fears. “That’s a good concern, but the Open Mic would only be open once a month. Students could easily find a new place to work for that day.” said August.

Denise Mancuso, librarian, also thought it was a great idea. She thought it would give the students a good way to express themselves. Mancuso also said, “There are a lot of talented students in our school. I think this will give them a good opportunity to show that.” Mancuso did not think that this concept would interfere with any learning being done in the library either.

Lauren Hetrick, social studies teacher and Student Council Adviser, was one of the first people to know about this new idea. Hetrick said, “The idea is good. It’ll just take a bit to get it off the ground. Student Council is really busy with work, so we just need a teacher to put the plan in full swing.”

From a student’s perspective, senior Meg Ronan said, “I think the idea to give students a chance to show their talents to pupils is great.  I do not, however, know if having the Open Mic during lunch in the library is the best option.”

Senior Garrett Gordon thinks differently. Gordon said, “It is a dumb idea. I go there to work. I should not have to find a new place to work.” He saw no positive side to an Open Mic in the Growler.

Only time will tell the fate of Open Mic Time in the Growler.