CNA course sparks interest among seniors


Alyssa Mancuso, Reporter

When senior and future Veterinary Technician Cheyenne Fulton heard about the HACC- CNA training course being offered just a few miles away at Carlisle Area Senior High School, it was a no brainer for her. Fulton’s grandmother was in need of 24/7 care, and this seemed like the answer. By taking classes in order to pass the Red Cross Exam and become a Certified Nursing Assistant, Fulton knew that this would not only help her grandmother by providing medical assistance, but also provide herself with the opportunity for a higher paying job while attending college. After discussing this opportunity with Career Coordinator, Lisa Black, seniors Jessica Johnson and Lauri Grillon jumped on the opportunity as well in hopes of providing themselves with a stepping stone to reach their career goals, as well as the opportunity for better jobs throughout their secondary education.

To begin this course, the girls were required to pass an extensive background check, physical, mandatory flu-shot, two-step PPD test, and of course have been accepted into the program through a HACC application. They were assigned to a quarter class that is worth one credit, with the requirement of having 120 completed hours. A contract was then signed for various rules such as dress code and code of conduct.

Fulton, Johnson, and Grillon leave school every day to attend their course from 12:30 to 4:00. They arrive in their white scrubs, prepared to participate in whatever the instructor throws at them. Grillon said, “We started out the first few weeks with book work on topics such as residents rights, bedside manner, body systems, hygiene, and preventing diseases. As we’ve progressed and learned the basics, the book work has been replaced with clinicals in which we get to be hands on with doing things such as dressing and toileting the nursing home residents.” The three girls unanimously agreed that their favorite subject thus far has been learning about how to keep nursing home residents in good spirits while helping them to maintain their dignity during such a difficult time in life.

Johnson said, “My mom is a CNA, so she’s kind of what sparked my interest in this field. I’m hoping to go into college for pharmaceuticals so even though becoming a CNA is not my ultimate goal, I enjoy learning about how to care for the residents and am looking forward to the job opportunities I’ll be able to receive in college.” As for Grillon, she would like to be hired on as a full time CNA at her part time job at Cumberland Crossing, and hopes to later become a phlebotomist and move to North Carolina to pursue her dream. Fulton said, “The tests are really hard and it’s pretty stressful trying to memorize everything, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end.” The trio will be graduating from this course on March 10 and will be taking their Red Cross Exam in the following months. This course is available to all Big Spring students and information can be found in Mrs. Black’s office, room 124 by the first floor elevator.