Juniors and seniors get hyped for Powder Puff


Courtney Moul, Reporter

When the fourth quarter rolls around, the hype for the annual Powder Puff game goes from zero to one hundred quickly. Each year the most daring students come out in the month of May to train for the battle of the classes. The roles are switched where the girls are on the field playing football and the boys are on the sidelines cheering the girls on. This year, the class of 2016 and the class of 2017 are bringing one of the biggest rivalries in years.

After a close victory in overtime last year, the class of 2016 is looking to take their second win in football. Senior Gina Baldoni, who played as a junior said, “[The juniors] honestly don’t stand a chance, to be completely frank. It’s kind of funny though because I have friends in the junior class that are planning to play and half of them already surrendered and then the other half still believes they’ll win.” On the flip side, the juniors are hopeful of grabbing the ‘W’. “I think it will be a close race between both classes, but I feel like the junior class, might overpower the senior class, even if it is just by a few points,” said junior Kylee Mengle.

The seniors aren’t too worried about any junior football players, but some possible threats come to mind. “Aria Clark. That girl is crazy. She’s fast and really athletic. I don’t think she would be scared to plow anyone over, either,” said senior Marissa Emlet. “All the athletes always pose a challenge, but in all honesty, I’m pretty sure the juniors are more scared of us than we are of them,” said Baldoni.

Not only did the seniors win last year’s football contest, but they also snagged the cheerleading battle as well. However, this year it could get interesting. “We have been thinking about dance moves for this year since last year ended. [The juniors] have some crazy kids on their squad but none truly worry me,” said senior Tyler Bennett. Despite the experience that the seniors have under their belts, the junior cheerleaders are looking to raise more money than the seniors. “We’re coming in fresh and excited and not knowing what to expect” said junior Jared Gump. “I think we’ll work a lot harder to make a big impact.”

Even though the game and cheer competition are predicted to be close, both classes believe that they will bring honor and glory onto their grade. “We have more experience and more girls that have a background in how the game goes. We also have a really great defense,” said Emlet. “[Winning last year] was one of the greatest moments of my life. Winning a close game is always super exciting.” The class of 2017 might lack experience but are ready to give it their best shot. I think both teams have some strong players so it should be an even match up. ” said Gump. “It is going to be pretty intense,” said Mengle.

Powder Puff 2016 will take place on Saturday May 28. The money that the cheerleaders collect at the event goes towards the Four Diamonds Fund. All practices officially start on the first of May.