Give Trump a chance

Jaime Yaukey

While some may balk at Donald Trump’s radical ideas and statements, it doesn’t change the fact that he is currently only 571 delegates away from being nominated for the GOP. Trump would make a good president. Not only does he have an excellent business background, but he’s very straightforward- he tells like it is, and he wants to make a change. Trump is a leader with a plan-some of the other candidates have even begun to agree and support his ideas. He has already won 25 states, and his victories  are probably not going to stop there.

On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announced he was running for President. To go along with his announcement, he said that he planned on building a “great, great wall along the southern border” in order to control the flow of illegal immigrants, especially those who are bringing in illegal substances like drugs. A wall would also lower the rate of illegal weapons being brought in. Overall, the wall would provide more protection to the United States. According to Donald Trump’s official website, his three core principles behind wanting to build the wall are that a nation without borders is not a nation, a nation without laws is not a nation, and a nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. On the website OnTheIssues, Trump said, “Properly built walls work- we just need the political will to finish the job.” Trump admits that a wall would cost a lot, but he plans to make Mexico pay for it- and until they do, they will be punished with increased fees and taxes.

Trump also wants to abolish Obamacare completely. As he stated in Des Moines, “I would end Obamacare and replace it with something terrific, for far less money for the country and for the people.”  Instead of Obamacare, Trump is looking to create a system that will broaden health care access, make healthcare more affordable, and improve the quality of care available to all Americans, according to Trump’s official website. He also believes we need to reform the mental health programs because a lot of families are unable to get the information or tools needed to help their loved ones.

Someone might argue that Trump is not a politician, therefore may not be fit enough to be a president since he’s merely a businessman. According to the OECD, America was $16.3 trillion in debt in 2012. Even if Trump is just a businessman, we need a businessman to take the reigns to try to pull us closer to no longer being in debt. Some people may argue that he has had businesses go bankrupt. In reality, though, only four times has he declared corporate bankruptcy, according to “Vanity Fair.” He still has a ton of other businesses that are continuing to bloom, and that have never gone bankrupt. Donald Trump has had many businesses, however, not all businesses will succeed.

Although Donald Trump does not have a political background, and does not have the political experience of other candidates, he does appear to care deeply about the future of the United States and has other qualities that make him a leader. The people of the United States are looking for change, and Donald Trump says he can “Make America great again”.