Henry seeks new opportunities

Madana Tigyer, Reporter

Although math teacher Tyler Henry loves teaching his kids at Big Spring High School, he is ready to take the next step in his teaching career when the opportunity comes up. He will be applying for jobs near here and he hopes that he ends up somewhere between here and the Ohio state line.  He definitely wants to stay in Pennsylvania and does not want to move any further east than Harrisburg. Getting a new job is a long process to go through: getting an interview, doing well in that interview, being approved by the school board, and receiving an offer for the actual job.

There are many reason why Henry wanted to get a new job and it was because he received his master’s degree in Educational Leadership many years ago and has been waiting to start applying for administrative jobs until he felt comfortable and confident in being able to do the job.  It has always been in the back of his mind that he would like to be an administrator and now it seems like a good time to start the journey. He doesn’t have the exact job; he is just exploring his options. He is looking both in this area and in western PA for openings in the administrative position.

The process to getting an administrative job for Henry so far has simply been sending out an application consisting of cover letter, resume, PA Standard Teaching Resume, clearances, and letters of recommendation. Henry thinks he is qualified for this job because he can be sarcastic, but also feels as though  he is a caring, responsible, organized, and driven teacher. Henry said, “Many of the communication and rapport skills people develop with students over the years are the same ones that they need to have to be an effective administrator.” Henry would make decisions from a well researched and heartfelt place. If Henry gets this job it would probably come around this summer or it may not be until a few years down the road. He has said that he had a great experience at Big Spring and wants to make sure any new job is in a district that he can enjoy as much as he does here. He is very dedicated to Big Spring High School.

Some of us are curious what makes him ready for this job and he said, “It’s really about trying to do more with my life.” He loves being in the classroom and working with the kids. So this would allow him to know more students and be involved with more decisions that could shape their futures. The problem with this is he probably won’t have as much fun as being an administrator.  However,  Henry said, “Don’t Let fear hold you back of trying something to help more people.”

Leaving Big Spring High School would be extremely sad for him, but also he would be extremely grateful for the opportunity he has had and the wonderful people he has met. He truly believes we have the best students in the area and he is blessed to teach with some of the best coworkers at Big Spring. Henry said, “There would be many people I would miss and I hope that the students would know that I would truly miss spending each day being their teacher.”  Sophomore Kaylyn McGowan said,  “It wouldn’t really affect me because I won’t have him as a teacher again, but I think that’s smart of him because he will bring home a better income.” She also said, “This would be a great opportunity for him because he’s reaching for higher goals which helps a person grow.”  

Sophomore Brennan Flory, another student from Big Spring said,  “I won’t have him again as a teacher, but I feel that he helps out a lot in other ways that can’t be replaced.” He also said, “It is his decision and whatever he does it’s probably for the best, for him.” The kids at Big Spring High School think Henry has made a great difference for them and hope Henry gets the opportunity to further his career.