Big Spring hosts annual Dawg Day


Sydney Hutchinson and Janelle Bier, Reporters

Every year Big Spring High School hosts “Dawg Day” for incoming freshmen. Freshmen who attend get to take a tour, meet teachers, play games, and eat dinner. This yearly event is free of charge, and transportation is provided if needed.

Sherri Mains, high school counselor, said that 175 out of 204 students in the class of 2020 attended Dawg Day this year. She also told us that it was a “success” this year. Mains believes “Dawg Day is very effective for students, and can help for their first week of high school. The preparation is hard, but worth it.” She said, “Dawg Days helps students feel connected to their school; the statistics will tell you that by the time that freshman make up their mind to drop out is around November if they don’t feel connected and comfortable.”  Kathy Bravin, math teacher, told us the day was “Very exciting,” and she is anxious to do it again next year. “Overall Dawg Day was well planned and effective this school year.”

Bravin said this year’s Dawg Day was a success because, “It put all the freshmen at ease with the building, although it seems confusing and overwhelming at first, but by the end of the day there were a little more comfortable.” She believes this day is very effective for the students, because it “helps calm students before the first day.” As a teacher, she enjoys putting Dawg Day together. The preparation is hard, but worth it in her opinion. She said, “The hardest part is getting advisers ready.” Chad Feeser, a high school English teacher,  told us as well that Dawg Day was a success this year. He believes this day helps “tackle fears of freshmen.” He enjoys making this day happen, but the hardest part is getting the advisers ready to volunteer.

Jazlynn Shrawder, a current freshman,  said, “It helps you get to know your classes, and your schedule better.” Shrawder said, “My favorite part about the day was the pep rally at the end.” At the pep rally students learn the freshmen battle cry, and they announce awards for the competitions that day.