Clown costumes have new meaning this Halloween


Shannon McCabe, Reporer

Every Halloween there are the basic costumes of vampires, witches, ghosts, cats and many more, but this year being a clown has a new meaning. Recent clown sightings have frightened individuals across the country and have even come as close as neighboring towns.

Most recently, clowns have been sighted in Shippensburg, Carlisle, and even at Oak Flat Elementary. In Shippensburg, a clown was seen on campus, and even posted a photo to Facebook with the University sign saying “Keep your doors locked.” There was even an account of a clown chasing two university students as they drove away.  According to a post by Brittany Shafer on Facebook, there was also a clown reported near Oak Flat elementary.

A Big Spring teacher, Rebecca Herendeen, had her own opinion on this matter. Herendeen said, “The original sightings of clowns in the Carolinas are actual concerns, but in Pennsylvania I believe they are just a sick prank.”  The clown first reported in the Carolinas were reportedly trying to lure kids into the woods with candy, lasers, and money. At night they would bang the sides of houses and front doors with chains and their bodies. This created terror in a South Carolina trailer park where the police sent out a letter telling parents to keep their kids locked inside and that they should never be alone walking at night.

On social media, many people have posted pictures of the sightings. According to Fox43, a sophomore in Reading, Pennsylvania was actually stabbed by an individual, dressed as a clown.  This act has been the most violent and first time any clowns have gotten physical. In Big Spring, this has raised questioning on these sightings and furthermore, “sick” acts. Herendeen had advice for anyone who sees a clown. She said, “Turn away and run as fast as you can.” Many locals are even threatening to hurt these clowns if they are doing it as a prank. There have been threats to “run over” or even shoot at the clowns.

A current poll on PawPrint allows readers to share their opinion about the recent clown outbreaks.