Samsung galaxy 7 explosions cause problems


Janelle Bier, Reporter

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy 7, many have reported these phones have exploded and caused property damage and physical injury, which should raise the alarm for those students who have purchased this item. According to Reuter,  an exploding Samsung Galaxy 7 injured a 6 year old boy, suffering burns, and it even started a fire in a Jeep, destroying the car. These phones also forced the evacuation of a plane. Many people own these phones, including students at Big Spring.

Samsung has since recalled the replacement phones, because they are ineffective as well. According to the Samsung website, consumers should power down their phones immediately and contact their carrier as soon as possible. This has affected owners of this phone at our school, because they are conflicted whether they should power their phone off or ignore the warnings. Most have opted just to return the phone, and get a new one.

Carly White, Grade 9, who is an owner of a Samsung Galaxy 7 likes her phone and hasn’t had any problems yet. White said, “There are dangers in this phone, but I’ve been lucky to not experience any problems.” Samsung is a well known brand, and this is unexpected of them. Consequently, Samsung has lost many buyers of their new phones. White said, “I hope this doesn’t discourage people from buying these phones, but I still advise people to be careful.”

Hannah Young, Grade 9, another owner of the new Samsung Galaxy smart phone is pleased with her phone. She said “Mine works well, and I like them more than iPhones.”  These phones have worked well for most people, and just a few of these phones have cause trouble. So if you’re considering buying one, know your risks and don’t be afraid to purchase these phones.

According to BBC, the cause of the exploding phones is manufacturing issues. The batteries are the reason the phones are blowing up, and phones were exploding during or after charging. Luckily, Samsung has created a recall, and sent replacements for the inefficient phones. Many students and staff have purchased these phones raising danger in our school.

This default in the new Samsung Galaxy has benefited Apple in many ways. Apple is one of the top cell phone brands, and with the release of the new iPhone 7, this has given Apple more buyers. This is hurting Samsung immensely right now, but Apple has seemed to take over the market since the release of these new phones, according to ABC27.