Student Officer


Sydney Hutchinson, Reporter

Being a class officer means being a leader who puts together fundraisers, makes t-shirts, and generally becomes the face of a certain class, and Regan Donato, freshmen, is learning all about this by serving as the vice president of the freshman class. She ran unopposed for this position in order to help the class of 2020 after she saw an advertisement on the Channel 3 News.

Being vice president she has to put together fundraisers and “call businesses to come up with prices, delivery, and dates” along with doing the same for apparel. Donato said, “The last fundraiser for the freshman class was R+K subs. We sold 103 subs, 198 pretzel sandwiches, and $1457.50 was raised with a $552.50 profit.”

As the years go on, Donato plans to keep reapplying for the same spot to do more and more as her high school time continues, to help “lead” the 2020 class. Donato said, “I like thinking about and testing my own ideas to make the class better. Lauren Gipe vice president of the senior class said, “I like having a say, and knowing what is going on in our class.” Donato said she wishes, “There were more people in the club, more that would have applied at the beginning.” She said they had to recruit some others so they would have enough officers. 

Trica Wolfe a class adviser said, “This was the first year we did not have 5 individuals apply and had to recruit officers and still do not have every position filled.” She also said, “There were times we had to have an election and winner would hold the higher office” because there were more people.

Gipe says after 3 years of being vice president “The biggest goal for her was to raise a lot of money.” Also that “Planning prom was a big accomplishment.”

The freshmen student officers meet with either Heather Detwiler in room 241 or Wolfe in room 307 on Fridays during B lunches.