Athletes perform superstitious routines


Jackson Drawbaugh, Reporter

Many teams and athletes have their own superstition to bring good luck. When someone goes to a home swim meet, they can see every team member hit a penny. Les Stover has had this tradition since 2003. Stover said, “I found the penny heads up on the bottom of the pool the first day I was in the pool. I decided that it was a good omen for the pool and our program so I posted it above the doorway and painted the sign ‘Welcome to Bulldog Territory’.” Many swimmers and divers will meet in the hallway, create a plan for the opposing team, and then march out to hit the penny and cheer at the diving boards.

This is a superstition that brings good luck and many members of the team enjoy it. Sophomore swimmer, Lauren Shank was recently introduced to it last year. Shank said, “It is a very special way to encourage team members to have confidence in themselves. Also, us being the only team that does that makes the team unique.” Senior diver, Dillon Novak has kept this tradition for 4 years. Novak said, “ It’s a tradition. It’s for good luck.” 

Sophomore, Jamie Yaukey has been the goalkeeper this past season, and some of last year for field hockey. She has a particular routine for the game when she is in the goal. Jaime said, “When the game first starts and we come onto the field, I don’t stop running onto the field until I get to the endline inside the goal. Then I hit the top of the cage with my stick, the back of the cage with my stick, I twirl my stick in my hand and then I slap my leg guard with my stick. I shuffle back and forth across the cage twice, then walk out to the stroke line. In corners, I do the same procedure; I hit the top of cage, back of cage, twirl stick and then hit my pad. And I always tell my defenders the same exact thing: We got it, just get it out.”

Superstitions and certain routines are happening here in Big Spring High School, and provide an interesting atmosphere for athletes. These rituals transcend from simple things done for a favorite team, all the way to the athletes within the game. These traditions within the high school allow the athletes to stand together, and be every, always strong.