Bulldogs take on Trump’s Inaugration


Morgan Barr, Reporter

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, a group of Big Spring students ventured to Washington D.C. for an experience of a lifetime, to see the forty fifth President of the United States be inaugurated into office. Although, planning for the trip started 18 months before the inauguration, according to Lauren Hetrick, a history teacher at Big Spring, and the main adviser on the trip. “Some of the first students actually signed up in January or February of last year, before the primary elections, or knowing who the candidates are, which really shows that the trip is about the process, not the individual candidate.” Hetrick said.

The morning of the Inauguration, the students were up with the sun, and walking to the National Mall by 6:00. “Our 3.5 mile walk turned into a 6.5 mile walk, and instead of being there by 8:00, we didn’t arrive until about 11:00, due to the increased security, and the amount of people there.” said Hetrick. As the students ventured towards the Capitol building, there were multiple security checkpoints just to get onto the mall, and most of their 5 hour journey was spent standing in lines. “From where we were at on the mall, we had a good vantage point, and could see movement on the platform.” Hetrick said. They watched on the Jumbotron as Donald Trump took the Oath of Office and officially became the President of the United States. After the ceremony, the students and advisers alike watched on as Donald and Melania Trump escorted Barack and Michelle Obama to an awaiting helicopter. Not only did they see the take off on the Jumbotron, but they also saw the helicopter rising above the skies of Washington, carrying the former president and his family. Some of the students had a special moment afterwards, in which they said an emotional goodbye to former vice president, Joe Biden. “My favorite part of the whole trip was simply the inauguration experience itself.” said Melanie Macioce, a sophomore who went on the trip.

Aside from the main event on the trip, the group embarked on several other adventures in D.C. On their first day in Washington, they visited several monuments, including the Jefferson memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial, and two Smithsonian museums. They also went to Capitol Hill, and were able to see the Supreme Court building, but could not enter because Supreme Court was in session. They also saw the Library of Congress, and went on a night tour of the National Mall. Day two included visiting Mt. Vernon, and Arlington National Cemetery during the day, and attending the Inauguration ball at night. “One of my favorite parts, aside from the inauguration, was the shopping, and just having fun with everyone at the hotel.” said Macioce. The night of the inauguration, the crew went bowling, and on the last day, made a stop at the Udvar-Hazy Center, the second location of the Air and Space Museum, before heading home.

Hetrick said, “ I think my favorite part was hearing from students each day what surprised them, interested them, or inspired them was the best part. I have gotten more out of watching the Big Spring students experience things they never had before and had great conversations after visiting places like Arlington, and going to the inauguration.”