Underclassmen band members continue to impress


Paige Snyder, Reporter

Last Friday, during the District Band Festival, musicians Skylar Diehl and Brandon Mooney qualified for the PMEA Region V Band Festival after their outstanding performances.

Diehl earned a fifth place position among at least 12 other flutists, and Mooney earned first place among 8 tubists. Mooney was one of 2 tubists, and Diehl one of 4 flutists from District Band to qualify for Region Band.

This is the first time that either student made Region Band, and they were both elated once they found out. “When I saw what part/seat I was in Region Band, I was so overcome with emotion. When all my friends came over to congratulate me, I actually started crying, a lot. I was so happy because I worked really hard for it and it was a huge dream of mine that had actually came true.” Diehl said. Mooney was also thrilled to qualify. “I was very excited to have been going onto Region Band, and I had gotten to have my band director hand me my Region Band folder which was pretty exciting,” he said.

In order to qualify, the musicians had to play either an etude (a short composition) or an audition solo at the judges’ discretion. They were then judged on their performance, and the execution of their selected song.

Both musicians are planning on practicing their respective instruments in preparation for the upcoming Region Band Festival. “I plan on getting help from my lesson teachers and just continuing my practicing to prepare. I also plan on playing my music in front of anybody I can, especially family, to get better at nerves,” Diehl said. Mooney also has a plan of action. “To prepare for this upcoming region band festival I’m definitely going to practice the etude because that is a bit harder and I have harder competition for Region Band. But I will most definitely also practice some of the music because it seems we may have some harder music for this festival.”

After the Region Band Festival, both students will have the opportunity to re-audition for a chance to move on to the All-State Band Festival, taking place in Erie in April. Upon their acceptance, the students would be split into either the Concert Band, or Wind Ensemble, and play with their respective groups.

This is not the first time Diehl has been awarded such honors. In November she marched in the Macy’s Day Parade following her acceptance into the Macy’s Great American marching Band. While there, Diehl, and 260 other students practiced their performance prior to performing in the parade.

East Stroudsburg Area High School will host the PMEA Region V Band Festival on March 25 at 3 .