Sophomore competes with chopsticks


Paige Snyder, Reporter

The idea of eating with two wooden sticks may seem daunting, or even impossible to some, but not for sophomore Bentli Burke.

Burke is competing in the ‘chopstick challenge’ which means using chopsticks to eat food instead of utensils. The challenge starts Jan 1 and continues until everyone that is participating quits. “A family friend does this every year, so my sisters and I decided to join the competition,” she said. “It’s just a fun thing to do; he does it every year.” Her goal is to be the last one left in the competition, and right now, it’s between her and Mat Hench. The competition started with 16-20 people, and has dropped down to only two. Both of Burke’s older sisters who attempted the challenge lasted only 5 and 8 days.

Eating every food with chopsticks seems impossible, but according to Burke, “you get used to it.” She explained that, “The hardest foods are actually the foods that are meant to be eaten with chopsticks.” The noodles at Issei Noodle in Carlisle are particularly tough for her to eat. That being said, Burke revealed that eating with chopsticks is not even the most difficult part about the challenge. “The hardest part is probably remembering to bring my chopsticks everywhere I go,” she said. Burke has a few sets of black plastic ones that she uses, but the rest of the chopsticks are the disposable wooden ones that most people use.

Burke actually gets most of her wooden chopsticks from fellow sophomore and close friend Taylor Hutchinson. “It’s funny actually,” Hutchinson said. “My mom ordered wooden chopsticks in bulk for a church fundraiser, and we have a ton left so I just give them to Bentli.”

Not only is Hutchinson the chopstick supplier, but she is also close friends with Burke. “It’s kind of different [eating with her]. People just look at her weird but I mean, it’s fun.” Burke’s other friend Rebecca Fickel, who is slightly less fond of the challenge, said, “I just want to be there when she messes up.”

If the competition continues without anyone giving up, “it keeps going until someone accidentally messes up and uses a spoon or fork.”

Burke said that she will most likely compete again next year, along with Hutchinson who “wants to give it a try.” The advice she gave for people considering trying the challenge: “Be prepared to be looked at in public places, because it’s not normal for people to be using chopsticks that much.”