Athletic Director announces retirement


Firm, supportive, and dedicated are all words used to describe Athletic Director Jay Hockenbroch, and after 39 years of work, countless wins, and plenty of great memories, he has officially announced his retirement.

Although he is not officially considered retired until the end of June, he is looking forward to more free time. “It’s just time to spend more time with the wife,” Hockenbroch said. He also hopes to continue to hunt, and complete some stone work projects around his new house.

Hockenbroch has been working for a total of 39 years, and 25 of them have been here at Big Spring. Some of his best memories include the 2012 girl’s softball team’s State Championship win, as well as Rick Gilliam’s State Wrestling title win in 1996.

One word that Hockenbroch used to describe his time here as the Athletic Director was enjoyable. “I have a lot of good relationships, a lot of experiences, not only with the athletes and faculty, but also parents and people from the community.” Hockenbroch said. What he will miss most when he retires will be watching kids compete. “This year has been an awesome year,” Hockenbroch said, “we’ve won a couple titles.”

In all of his years working as the Athletic Director, Hockenbroch has seen many changes. “The biggest thing is we’ve changed from saving paperwork to saving things electronically.” Another change being the addition of secretary Randy Jones. Hockenbroch enjoys having her as an assistant, and appreciates all the work she puts in.

When asked what she will miss most about Hockenbroch, Jones replied that she will “miss his flexibility and support regardless the situation, and his lunches- he brings in good lunches.” Her favorite are the burritos he makes, but he also enjoys making food with the meat he hunts. Hockenbroch hunts typical game like deer and turkey, but he has also shot a bear, and helped skin a rattlesnake. His favorite place to hunt is a tree stand in his backyard which he shot 5 deer (with a bow).

Although he will be retired, Hockenbroch will continue to come to sporting events. “I hope we can continue to be competitive, and get more competitive.” He is excited to see how the sports teams improve for next year, especially with the new track and field. Being an avid wrestling and football fan (as a D1 wrestler and high school football player himself), Hockenbroch’s favorite sport to watch is football. He enjoys seeing the fans, and the overall atmosphere of the games.

As the athletic director, his word of advice to young athletes is this: “Get involved and have fun. Hard work pays off, and when you put the extra time in, it makes it more fun and more competitive”

Even after retirement, Hockenbroch will be able to see the impact he had on the athletics at Big Spring, and how his time here was greatly appreciated.

Look for our upcoming interview with Hockenbroch about his retirement on Channel 3.