Fill ‘er Up


Alli Frick and Ishmael Kirkwood, Reporters

What started out as just an idea from Rebecca Fickel and her leadership development class, has now come to fruition in the form of a filtered water dispenser on the third floor near the social studies hallway.

Fickel thought this would  encourage students to reuse bottles and cut down on waste.

When looking for an idea in Leadership development they looked around for ideas that other schools used or ways to make the environment in the school better.

“For the Leadership Development class, my group did a lot of research. We didn’t design the product itself, but we found many companies with affordable water bottle refill stations that were willing to come into our school and install them.” said Fickel

Doug Lautsbaugh, head custodian, said that at the beginning of this year one water fountain on the third floor just kept having problems. “So reason that the first water bottle filler was placed on the third floor because the water fountain that is there originally was not working properly, so the management decided instead of getting a whole new one, they decided to just place the first water bottle filler there since it’s easier access.”

However, he has his concerns about how this well this new contraption will work. Already some students are treating the filler as a toy. “I was walking by to see how they were treating it, and one kid thought of the idea to try to put his head under it. If this one gets broken, we will guarantee no more throughout the school.”

So, if students want more throughout the building, they will have to respect them as well.“I really love the water bottle filler stations. I think they are an awesome addition to our school. Everyone can use them, and I think it is a really good incentive/ way to encourage people to drink water at our school. Although I’m bummed my class didn’t get to carry out the idea, but I’m glad we have them in our school now!” Fickel said.