New device comes out and about

Sabrina Randall, Reporter

Apple has released the iPhone 8 out to stores worldwide, giving people a new chance into starting with a new phone.

Some of the new iPhone 8 features include a new camera, more durable glass to prevent shattering, wireless charging, and more. There’s just one thing though: it costs $1,000.

People have many opinions on the matter, including the cost. Lindsey Wilson, freshman, said her favorite feature is the portrait lighting because she likes to take pictures.

Other people, can’t stand the fact it’s $1,000. Tylere Snuffer, another freshman said, “They should lower the price to like $7 hundred, but a thousand is crazy.”

He added that his favorite part is, “the water resistance, because knowing me, I’m always outside in the rain with my phone; it would help keep my phone from getting damaged.”

There are some problems with the new iPhone such as the wireless charging. Some people like to hold their phone while it is charging, and not let it sit on a table.

Others say that they already have a working Iphone. “I already have a phone I got 3 months ago. The 6 works efficiently and I can do many things on it such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.” said Wilson.

The freshman were surprised by that the iPhone 8, costs more than the entire Cracker Barrel menu. responses from our freshmen were in fact, shocked statements.

“No, I did not know that. It’s actually quite shocking.” said freshman Rebecca Smith. Wilson added, “Yes, I did, thanks to MEMES.”