Over 60 year old tradition gains another year


Members of the 2010 football team celebrate with the Little Brown Jug after their big win over Shippensburg. This years game is to be held on November 3, 2017 at Shippensburg.

Hailey Gilligan, Reporter

Over 60 years ago when Big Spring High School’s Football program first began, not only was it the start of a sport that would draw in the entire community, it was the start of a rivalry that would last a lifetime.  

The LBJ, or Little Brown Jug, is an annual game between Big Spring and Shippensburg. The victor brings the jug back to their school and shares the chocolate milk inside with all the players. The jug then stays at that school until the game is played again the following year.

Since this is such a huge game for the Bulldogs, Dawg Pound, a student led organization at Big Spring, puts together a car smash, pep rally, and a parade through the square of Newville. This year’s events start at 6:30 PM with the car smash followed by the pep rally at 7:00 PM. Both events are held at the Bulldog Stadium. At 8:00 PM the parade through Newville will begin.

“This game is always in the back of the player’s minds; there are so many fans that come to watch the game.” said Cory Hoffman, Big Spring’s Head Football Coach.

It had been rumored Shippensburg  moved up a division, meaning that this game would only be played as fun. “They are still a part of our division, and we have to play them in a conference game.” said Joseph Sinkovich, Big Spring High School’s new Athletic Director.

The last time that the LBJ has called Big Spring home was in 2010 with a home victory of 20-19. “This could be the year we bring it back; we have what it takes.” said Hoffman.

This year’s game is held at the Greyhound Stadium on Friday November 3, 2017.