Halloween Parade strikes again

Sabrina Randall, Reporter

It’s October, a month filled with pumpkin flavored foods, snacks and beverages, and every year, Newville throws a Halloween Parade for the whole town to come down and watch. This year, it’s being held on Oct. 30 at 7.

The sections of the parade includes antique cars, individuals and couples walking, small and large groups, motorcycles, floats, and more.

Eric Dangler, a freshman at Big Spring High School, says that he will participate in Newville’s Halloween parade this year. Dangler says that he will be in the High School’s band float, along with the other band members, although he doesn’t have a favorite float or section of the parade.

“One of my favorites is the Ghostbusters car that comes through and plays the music.” said Jonathan Rife, 6th grader at the middle school. Rife also states that he enjoys the Parades because he “gets candy” and that his family “go every year to watch the parade.”

When the Halloween parade begins, People all around Newville can be seen lining up at the along the sidewalks with plastic bags and baskets to collect the candy that is thrown down at them every year by people.

Rebecca Smith, freshman, is new here at Big Spring, and this will be her first year at the Newville Halloween parade. Smith will be participating in the Band section, just like Dangler is.

Smith had moved here from Carlisle previously, and hopes to participate in the band section this year.