Students go above and beyond


Cornerstone Branch, where Sam Crouse goes for her marketing internship.

Alli Frick, Reporter

Brooke Roberts, senior at Big Spring, leaves school every morning to head to Drayer Physical Therapy and interns with the Occupational Therapists. What Roberts does there is help the patients that have arm and hand problems.

“I think what makes my internship interesting is that the occupational therapists that I  work with are always just hands and arms to work with, so it’s different only helping with hands and arms but it is a more unique field.It came through to me with the help of Mrs. Black. She really helped me find the best fit for me, and I believe it has definitely helped me figure out my future, to be able to be there and actually see what all they do every day.” said Roberts.

At Big Spring, students have the opportunity to further their interest for any college or business that would help them get into their career field. Internships help students look into a job  field that they are interested in.

Lisa Black, the internship coordinator and business teacher, helps kids look more into what they want to major in for college by, helping them get into what they want to further once they leave high school.

“Internships are for junior and seniors only. To set one up sign up for flex or come to my office. Requirements are the site must be approved by me,  and you have to have two different teacher recommendations. Lastly a signed contract and schedule from where you would like an internship.” said Black.

Mackenzie Henry, senior has an internship at Holy Spirit Hospital. “I picked this internship because I knew  my strengths were in the medical field, but I didn’t really know what type of job I wanted yet just something to do with the medical.”

“I definitely think that this internship is helping me since I have found what major I want, which is a physician’s assistant. Anyone who doesn’t know what they want to do but knows that the medical is where they want to go, I think this internship is a great and eye opening to everything that you can see and do in a hospital setting.” said Henry.

Sam Crouse, marketing intern, got involved with the Bellco Credit Union. “I applied for  this internship my junior year because I wanted to make money in the school, and I wanted to be a part of the business field. This will be my second year, and I feel it’s a good experience for me.” said Crouse.

Every year many internships are introduced to all students, from Black, either via email or school counselor may see an opening for something they are interested in and get them into talking to that business.

Junior,  Madana Tigyer, was interested in the culinary and hospitality management and her council helped her find the best place she thought was not only good for her but a good environment.  

Tigyer goes to a Catering industry Camp Hill, “You get to see different operations in sales and culinary, you get to participate with the actual waitresses and waiters, and serve the food to people.”

“This internship helped me make my final decision on my major in hospitality management. I believe it is helping because it not only shows me what I went for but more options that I may be interested in which leads me to where in my future helps me start my own business.

An internship is a position of a student or trainer who works at a company of business, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a future job.