Lights, Sound, Action: New equipment lights up the stage


The new lighting system sits in the tech-booth ready to be programmed for the next show.

Hannah Custer, Reporter

Performers need current equipment to give the best performance to the audience, especially when people come from all over to see Big Spring High School’s music and theater performances.  With a significant need for upgraded equipment, Big Spring is making changes to their outdated lighting and sound systems in the high school’s auditorium this year.  

In years past, the auditorium system has had multiple problems with microphone issues and some lighting malfunctions.  To fix this issue, the high school took the initiative to update the outdated systems in order to make them more user-friendly and to enhance the performance quality.  “The equipment we have is totally insufficient to handle what we need.” said Chad Feeser, English teacher and theater director.  “Every time we would fire up the lighting system it’s just embarrassing to see Windows 95 on the load up screen.”

Before all of the upgrades, outside equipment had to be rented.  Feeser said, “The company would have to bring in lighting and soundboards to over-write our system as if it wasn’t even there. It was less than useless.”  

Junior Maddie Seiler participated in previous shows and has first-hand experiences with malfunctioning microphones. “It’s good that the audience can hear the cast. If they can’t hear the cast there is no point in the show” said Seiler, “Having the mics and knowing they are going to work puts less stress on the cast.”

Now, there is a sound and lighting design class taught by Adam Nobile, music teacher, offered at the high school as an elective.  In this class, students have first-hand experience with the new equipment and are taught how to program the soundboard to do different functions.  Nobile said, “This class is designed to help students become familiar with the new systems so that they have the potential to be in future musical productions.”  

Accessibility is a major part of learning how to operate a new system.  “These upgrades are designed so that outside groups can use the equipment and not mess things up.” said Nobile.  

With the new changes in the system, this year’s musical “Phantom of the Opera” should be ready to steal the show in early April.