Art Club goes digital


This is only a few options in the Art Club’s new website created by Mr. Policiccio and his class.

On Thursday, Oct 26, video game and web page design teacher, Marshall Policicchio was requested to design a new web page for the BSHS art club, and with the help of  his students, created a new online store for the club.

The page consists of pictures that students in the art club have created, and are selling as well. For only $3,  customers can pick out a picture of their choice with pictures ranging from bulldogs, to the mill, to fruits and flowers.

Hannah Durff, sophomore here at the Big Spring High School, said that it’s her first year in the art club, and it’s “Going good. I like it a lot, and we get to paint the windows in the school.” 

Durff mentioned that she had not seen the new art club website created by Policicchio and his web page design class, but, “Ms. M won’t stop talking about it.” 

“The past 2 years I’ve taken art classes, and this year I’ve joined the honors society. Last year, we painted this expressive road way and we had to use these colors that weren’t included.”

If anyone has interested in checking out the new website, the link is below: