Singing the lyrics makes it to Districts


Hannah Custer, Reporter

This year, three students took the risk of auditioning for a spot in District Choir to represent Big Spring High School.  

District choir is an opportunity open to any high school within the area to send students who want to audition to be selected to represent their school at the District Festival.  This festival is very competitive and difficult to get into.  

These auditions are open to anyone and everyone who wants to put themselves forward and audition.  According to choir director Edward Wilson, “There were roughly 25 people who originally signed up to audition, but then the list was narrowed down to eight people who decided to push through.” However, after the list was narrowed down even more, only three lone students strived to audition.  Kaylee Enck, sophomore, Dakota Over, senior, and Grace Patterson, junior, all took on the musical challenge, two of whom have never auditioned for a District Choir festival before.  

Students do more than just perform their songs.  Practicing takes up most of their time outside of school as well.  Patterson said, “I got the music at the end of the last school year and I have been preparing through the summer and the school year roughly about one to three hours a day.”  

After anxiously awaiting the results, only one person was selected.  Dakota Over, senior vocalist, made the choir for equal representation, a way for every school to have at least one person represented in district choir, which for him, was a huge honor.  “At first, I felt as if I was confident in myself, but I didn’t feel like I was going to make it.  I felt like I was going to improve.” With the exciting news of making it into the choir, Over said, “I am very happy to go! It was one of the things I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.”  In the future Enck and Patterson said they will continue to participate next year.  Over plans to continue singing, and said, “I hope to join an acapella group or a choir in college.”  

Wilson said, “I can not express how proud I am of these students. They crushed the scores from last year, and they all improved.”  It is clear that these students want to grow and continue with music for the rest of their lives.  

To see Over represent Big Spring, the District Choir Festival will be hosted on January 27 at Spring-Ford High School.