Random acts of kindness not going unnoticed


Hailey Gilligan

Sticky notes were placed on all the bathroom mirrors to help get students through final. Random acts of kindness have been showing up a lot a Big Spring Recently.

Hailey Gilligan, Reporter

Kindness, something so rare these days, is starting to take center stage at Big Spring as groups of students carry out random acts of kindness.

With finals week in full swing, many are spending every free moment looking over notes and studying. But on Jan 11, a group of students gave every class enough Hershey Kisses to help make getting through finals easier. “I enjoyed the chocolate and it helped me get through the finals.” said Tiffany Webster, a sophomore at Big Spring.“It was really appreciated.” Some may say that the point of the Kisses was to “kiss away the semester” or as a “good luck kiss.” “It was really nice,” said Lakota Fulton.

Today, someone or a group of people put sticky notes all over the mirrors in both girls and boys bathrooms. These note all have inspirational quotes to help students get through the last day of finals. Some quotes on the notes say “you’ve got this” and “you’re a star.”

Before Christmas a group of students put their own money together to help get a  student a pair of headphones who didn’t have any. No one asked these students they just did so because they cared.

Earlier this year another group of students put handmade signs up around the school that had motivational quotes on them. One of the signs says “Don’t let anyone clip your wings.” and contains a picture of a bird, a pair of scissors, and the not allowed symbol. Other signs include a salt shaker that is saying “don’t be salty

These randoms acts of kindness have been popping up all over the school over the past few months, but the ones carrying out the acts wish to remain anonymous.