Bulldogs comes together with rival to support one another


Mason Peters, Reporter

After a tragic experience at Big Spring High School, a tragedy that affected numerous students, staff and community members in a very emotional way,  rivals on the opposing side of a football game came together to symbolize their support and care for the family of a student who lost his life on a tragic morning. Both sides lined up facing the home team at the bleachers lined up, locking arms. Big Spring’s rival also showed their support by adding purple accents to their originally scheduled white-out apparel.  Students and staff should be thanked for making an honorable and memorable experience to help cheer up the community.

This generation may seem preoccupied and uncaring compared to other generations. However, when it comes to the students of Big Spring and other school districts, they have the ability to act as one huge team. When they see something bad happening in the world, they do as much as they can to help out. That makes the students’ hearts at Big Spring as pure as gold. After all, it is very important to unite as one at hard times.

Uniting is a great way to speak one’s mind and a great way to comfort others. By uniting at the football game to take notice of a beloved student who sadly lost his life, it really gave the community a heartwarming feeling to give them the hope that life will go on and he will always be remembered. The football teams did a really good job of showing the love they had for the student who had sadly passed. Thank them for a moment that will never be forgotten.