Class Brings History to Life.

Ethan Miller, Reporter

On Jan 28, Ashley Gleeson’s students in period 2 went back in time to the 1920s with costumes by going to a Speakeasy in the Large Group Room. There they met Al Capone, also known as Principal Bill August.  Machine Gun Kelly and Legs Diamond were a few of the gangsters who showed up as well. The students rotated through many activities to learn about the 1920s. Students moved through stations where they did the Charleston, which is a dance from the 1920s.

The class also did pole sitting which was a way of entertainment. Another activity was a ‘robot’ car chase with the police and gangsters.  Students also experienced an assembly line and the stock market crash. August said his favorite part of the Speakeasy were the stations. “The stations were the best part of it.”

The LGR was decorated with balloons and other 1920 period decorations. Big Spring High School Jazz band played to create a festive atmosphere. Punch and snacks were available too. Gleeson said, “Mr August gave me the idea.” “The Speakeasy was a blast” said Gleeson. The whole thing was to teach students about the 1920’s.