Football gets a feminine touch

John Ward , Reporter

It seems that Abi Sweger, kicker, has paved the way for three more female athletes to join the “Big Spring High School” football team. Allison Drake, Gillian Moffit, and Alyssa Suchy have started workouts for the high school football team hoping to reach for new goals. Don Witter runs the practices down at the weight room to get players ready and in shape for next years season. Some players are nervous for next year’s season, and are excited “I’m really excited about joining the football team and challenging my body to go beyond what it is used to. What inspired me to join was just the fact that I’ve let so many opportunities go to waste and talked myself out of so many things that held me back. I wanted to do something for myself to be set on and push myself to be a better me. I want to do whatever is best for my size and for the team. Being a lineman would be cool, but I don’t like running. My personal goal is to be able to bench press 135 pounds,” said Drake. Most high school football players on average as males bench press around 190. High school football players can have a varied 40-yard dash time as well, usually from 4.9 to 5.7.

One of the Varsity players, Nathan Fetchkin, said, “I’m fine with the girls joining. I don’t think it will affect the team.” Fetchkin has been playing football for the past 8 years of his life and he said, “More girls have joined football now more than ever.” Gillian Moffit said, “I feel confident about joining the team I’ve wanted to play football since 7th grade. I just didn’t have the guts to, but this year I’m pushing my limits. I’m sure we’ll get stereotyped, but you only live once. What inspired me to join was my best friend, Allison Drake, as well as joining diesel tech. It made me realize that I could take on football as well.”

Suchy said, “Joining the football team is going to take a lot of work and effort but in the end, I think it is going to be really fun. My friends and I have always talked about playing football and I guess we all decided this year was going to be our year to play. I don’t know what position I want to play as of now, but I’m sure as the season goes on I’ll figure out which position is best for me. My personal goal this year is to just get playing time and do well.”

These future football players have been working hard in the weight room to prove they want in to win. Sweger, former kicker for the varsity team had this to say about girls joining football: “Any person who has the dedication and determination to do something it does not matter what gender you are everyone has a fair chance at success if they work hard.”  The girls know they will have to work hard to get to the top if that’s what they want. More and more girls have been joining male dominated sports with more confidence. Sweger said “I think more athletes are being more accepting now that they realize females can put forth the same amount of work ethic and have different strengths that are essential to the team.”

As of now for the football team, there is no new head coach as of yet, so his/her opinion on the matter is yet to be seen.