“A person’s a person no matter how small”; Big Spring brings back preview shows

Hailey Fosburg-Ayers, Reporter

What’s old is new, and that certainly stands true for the Big Spring Theater Program, as they will be running the popular children’s show “Seussical” for it’s 10 year anniversary. Not only that, but they will be bringing back the beloved preview shows for the elementary students in the district. They had disappeared with the past three dark shows the school put on, but have made a resurgence and people are happy about it.

The seniors who never got a chance to put on these shows are incredibly excited upon the return, but almost more excited were the new generation of theater kids that are rising into the ranks. Backstage is buzzing with excitement and the energy can definitely be felt from the young sophomores and freshman.

Bella Llaguno, who plays the role of Jojo in the musical, and Mara Pursley, who is Bella’s understudy, said they had grown up seeing the preview shows when they were kids, and Llaguno was even able to recall seeing Seussical during it’s first run. “I definitely remember Sour Kangaroo’s puppet, and her sticking it between the curtains throughout the show. I thought it was the funniest thing at the time.” Both eagerly look forward to performing in the preview shows. Pursely said, “Being in the preview shows is almost soul warming in a way, and brings back a sense of nostalgia. I lived for them as a kid when I was in elementary school.” Both believe that it will help bring talent in years to come. Llaguno herself said that these shows were here first introduction to theater, and now it’s the profession that she is seeking.

Both Nalaha Dietz and Sydeny Leidigh, 8th graders who are also in the performance, look forward  their friends being given the chance to see them perform during the day. The lifelong theater kids said that they experience of performing for all the younger kids withing the district would be a lot of fun, as well as the experience so far being a lot of fun as well. Both are excited to continue the season.

Kids of all ages are now being given the chance to witness theater at it’s finest, and everyone within the program is ready for this opportunity to come back. The hope is to bring kids into the program, as well as bring a smile to their face. The shows will take place March 28 at 7, March 29 at 7, and March 30 at 2 and 7.  Tickets can be purchased online at http://bigspringhsband.ludus.com