Students pumped for biannual Mini-THON events


Austin Bryner, Reporter

One of the most anticipated events of the year is coming to Big Spring High School in the form of Mini-THON, an event which raises money for the Four Diamonds Foundation, which is a fund that helps children with cancer. During Mini-THON, there will be some activities that can be done throughout the event. Emily Young, Mini-THON adviser, said, “I’m very excited for the event, I think we have a lot of fun and different activities this year. This will give them the choice to pick and do what they are interested in to do.”. One of those activities that will be at Mini-THON is an escape room which has some people really excited for it. Young said, “I am also very excited for the escape, because I have talked to Tri-M and it seem like it will be very fun.” The escape room will take place in the music hallway. The theme of last year’s Mini-THON was to solve four riddles to open up four chests to get the four diamonds that spelled out THON. This year’s escape room will be taking place in the Band Practice Room from 4AM through 5:30AM.

Another event that will be happening at Mini-THON this year is the mechanical bull, which will be taking place in the commons/cafeteria from 2:30 AM through 4:30 AM. The mechanical bull will be run by the Mini-THON Committee. There will also be face painting taking place. The pool will also be open for use where people can go have fun in the water.

Also during the Mini-THON event, any hair donations will be accepted. The hair donations will be taking place in the adaptive gym which is in the gym hallway, and will be taking place from 8 PM through 10:30 PM. The hair donation will be run by Club C.A.R.E., as in past years. 

Ironically there will be a Mini-Golf course at Mini-THON, which will be taking place in the agriculture hallway from 10:30 PM through 11:30 PM. The mini-golf course will also be run by the Mini-THON Committee. During Mini-THON there will be Zumba taking place in the cafeteria with a Zumba instructor, which be taking place from 2 AM through 5 AM. The Zumba exercise will be about a half an hour long, and will be ran by the Zumba instructor. This will be a great way to help people stay awake late into the morning.

Also taking place will be basketball and dodgeball sports tournaments where many people can show their skill in the two sports. The tournaments will be taking place in the gym. The basketball sports tournament will be taking place from 2 AM through 3:30 AM. Then the dodgeball sports tournament will be taking place from 4 AM through 6 AM. These tournaments are going to be run by NHS/National Honors Society. There will also be a photo booth at Mini-THON that people can take some funny pictures with their friends. The photo booth will be in the commons and will be available the whole time throughout Mini-THON. The photobooth will be ran by Phantom Entertainment.

Teachers will even be at Mini-THON doing a teacher band with some rock routines! The teacher band will be happening from 9 PM through 10 PM. Lastly, arguably many students favorite event is the midnight breakfast that takes place from 11:30 PM through 1:30 AM. The midnight breakfast will be run by the Mini-THON committee but is sponsored by Student Council. The order in which everyone will be eating will be determined by the color wars points that each grade level and the teachers have been earning leading up to Mini-THON.

Students bringing in snacks the night of Mini-Thon can earn color wars points to try and boost the status of when they eat for midnight breakfast. Mini-THON is a fun filled event that donates a lot of money to great cause in the Four Diamonds Fund. Young said, “I think it will be a really fun event and will raise a lot of money for a great cause.”