Big Spring Yearbook has new features


Austin Bryner, Reporter

Every year Big Spring High School creates a yearbook for the students to purchase. People buy yearbooks as memory to keep from that school year. That year could be someone’s freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year. Each year the yearbook has a specific theme for it. This year’s theme for the yearbook is Humans of Big Spring. Christa Daugherty, Yearbook Coordinator, said, “This years theme is going to be trying to show people’s personalities and what they are like.” 

One of the features in this year’s yearbook is a teacher nominated student spotlight, students who show certain characteristics and features. There will be a picture of the student who was nominated, as well as a picture of the teacher and the reason why they nominated that specific student. Another interesting feature is highlighting what certain teachers would be doing if they were not teachers. There will also be an “unsung hero” feature where people who aren’t usually recognized will be recognized for their work. Each year a school usually gets some changes, and for that in the yearbook there will be an A-Z feature where there will be one thing that is new to Big Spring this year will be said for each letter.

For all the seniors there will be a few features just including them. One of those features is where they will say who their favorite person in the building is. Seniors who sent in their baby picture will have it in a senior baby picture feature. The last feature just for the seniors is senior superlatives. Daugherty and students from various grades have been working on this year’s yearbook to try and make it the best they possibly can. Daugherty and the students believe that this year’s yearbook will turn out well.

Senior, Abi Sweger, said, “I think that this year we put a lot of thought into how the yearbook will fit the theme. I got to see last year’s yearbook being made, and I have been able to understand the process of making it a lot more this year. Daugherty also said, “I absolutely believe that every year we improve in making it and we have even won a gold medal from scholastic. This year we have a lot of good people working on the yearbook.”

Though designing and producing the yearbook might be a tough task the yearbook committee believe that they can do it, but also while enjoying the time they take out of their day to do it. “I like writing the captions in the yearbook. In the yearbook people have many different things they are good at, and are able to do well. I like that we are able to check over others work because it helps us make the best possible yearbook we can.” said Sweger. Daugherty also said, “My favorite part of worked on the yearbook is the graphic design. But I enjoy to work closely with a lot of different students as well as getting to know more people.” The final product of the yearbook will be coming out soon as the fourth quarter is just around the corner, which has students excited to see what it will look like.