Leadership development class helps with field day


The Schedule for Field Day.

Austin Bryner, Reporter

Field day is a day many children in grades kindergarten through fifth look forward to as it considered a day of fun and excitement.  On Friday, the leadership development classes, taught by teachers Dora Kuntz and Matthew Engleman, will be helping with the field day festivities. The students of those classes are very excited to help this year. “Yes, I am excited to help with field day because I love working with little kids,” said freshman Autum Keck. The field day this year will be taking place on the track outside of the high school for Mount Rock, Newville, and Oak Flat students.

The leadership development class is taught during both periods 1 & 5. Both Classes will be working with fourth and fifth grade students. Many believe that this year’s event will turn out very well because of having the track. Freshman, Kensley Shearer, said, “I think that field day will turn out good and I think it will be fun and that the kids will enjoy it.” The first period will arrive early and set up all the activities for the day. Then after the field day is over, the students in the fifth period student will clean up all the things that were used for field day.  

Many activities happen throughout the day. One of the events that is an obstacle course. Then there will also be a egg and spoon race that the students will use the spoons to take the eggs to the other side without breaking the egg. Another activity is the treasure cone hunt. Then there is the parachute which is used to bounce a ball as well as go under. Next there is the over and under chicken relay. Then there is the waiter plate & cup stack relay where the students will hold the plate like a wait and try to get as many cups that are stack to one place and back. The potato sack relay will also take place. There will be a softball throw where the students will be see who can throw the softball the farthest. Some of the other activities that are taking place is are meteor shower, tug of war, 50 meter race, hurdles, soccer kick, and rest area-ball in bag relay.

Each student who has a passing grade in the class will be running one of these events with another person. Senior, Adam Cornman, said, “I’m running the softball throw because I know how to throw a baseball, so I can explain how to do the event better.” The students from both class periods also made shirts for this special occasion. The field day will be used as the final to show how well the classes can do leading their assigned event. As usually the Bulldog students know how to help out when they are needed.