McKamey Manor is in trouble


Caleb Faylor, Reporter

McKamey Manor is an extreme haunted house that is known for doing crazy things like throwing people in tanks filled with water and live eels, locking them in coffins, and pulling their teeth out. The legality of this is a question many people have. Well, people sign up for this…willingly. McKamey Manor is loved and hated by a lot of people. There is a petition online with over 80,000 signatures to shut McKamey Manor down. People are outraged that a manor like this even exists, saying that the manor is a torture chamber and that the haunts that are put together are unethical.

However, the people who enter this manor are very well informed on what is going to take place. There is about a 20-hour screening process in which the person who wants to enter the manor is informed on everything that could and most likely will take place. So if the participants are willing and understand what is going to happen, why should the manor be shut down? Isn’t it the individual’s responsibility to decide if they want to go into the manor or not? There is a waiver that needs to be signed that tells you absolutely everything that could happen in the manor. Most people don’t even make it past that point. They look at the waiver and they get scared and end up not going to the manor. So if the person signs the waiver, the manor is no longer legally viable to anything that the person experiences in the manor. The person is well informed and should expect the worst. 

The people who want the manor shut down are saying that McKamey Manor is “Forcing people to endure hours upon hours of torture,” but no one is being forced to do anything. All of the participants have read extensively on what can and will happen in the manor and have also signed waivers saying that McKamey isn’t responsible. No one is being forced to do anything. Some people who have come through the manor have spread lies about what has happened inside. Participants have said that they’ve been beaten, drowned, hair pulled out, all sorts of things. All of the haunts are filmed, however, thus making all of those claims invalid. These people are doing and saying anything to try and get the manor shut down simply because they don’t like what’s going on inside.

Here is a simple solution to that, if someone doesn’t like what’s happening in the manor then they shouldn’t go in. Just because someone doesn’t like McKamey Manor doesn’t mean they have to ruin it for the thousands of people on the waiting list who will enjoy going through the manor. The price of admission into the manor is a bag of dog food. McKamey isn’t even making money off of this; he is only collecting food for his dogs. McKamey manor only accepts participants to go through the haunt if they are completely willing and have gone through extensive preliminary work beforehand. All in all McKamey manor shouldn’t be shut down just because some people don’t like to be scared.