Pandemic concerns rise over Coronavirus


Clorox, hand sanitizer, and cough drops are some of the many items people are using to try and prevent the coronavirus. The coronavirus has been spreading through several city’s causing stores to be forced to restock, and causing jobs and schools to close.

Keyan Wells, Reporter

The Coronavirus, which started in China, has spread throughout vast places in the world and has infected more than 81,000 people, plus has killed around 2,700 people; the virus was believed to be started from a wet-mart in Wuhan, China. This virus shows no sign of slowing down, and has actually been considered a fast moving virus. The Coronavirus is an upper respiratory virus, and can cause a strain on breathing. Many people who have had, or have the Coronavirus now have scarred lungs, and are still susceptible to getting the Coronavirus, but people who have the Coronavirus aren’t the only people who are being affected.

A language teacher from Big Spring High School, explains how the Coronavirus outbreak could affect the language students, and their trips. Ashley Oldham, said, “Our trip coordinator and the company have issued a statement saying they are watching very carefully. Obviously they have had some trips scheduled to go to China that they have rescheduled or found new places for people to go, but at this point Western Europe has not been put on any major concern on the list, but June is a long time from now.” Trip coordinators just some of the many people to be taking extra precautions at this time due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This is to ensure that the Coronavirus does not spread as easily, therefore trips are being put on delay, or being changed.

The Coronavirus is also negatively affecting people that have not encountered the virus. Faith Warner, a freshman in Big Spring High School as well, said, “I was sick last week and had to go into All Better Care, and it was nerve wracking, because I didn’t want to get the Coronavirus while I was there, or get into contact with people that had it.” The Coronavirus has been scaring many people that have not been in contact with it. This has been affecting several grocery stores as well which is causing grocery stores to run out of certain products such as hand sanitizer.

To stop the Coronavirus, many countries have been quarantining certain cities in their country. For example China has quarantined Wuhan, the place that is believed to have started the Coronavirus so that the virus may not spread as easily. Wuhan is not the only example of a city being quarantined though more and more cities are being quarantined due to this virus lately. Many people are still getting diagnosed with this horrible virus daily, and scientists are still searching for a way it could possibly end.