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2017-2018 Staff

Noah Blessing


Noah Blessing is currently a freshman at Big Spring. Noah enjoys art, photography, and anything vintage. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing, and having a good time on stage in the theater program. He also enjoys classic...

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Adam McKeehan


Adam McKeehan is an 11th grader at Big Spring High School, and is in other school activities such as musical and Cantabile. In his free time, he enjoys reading and watching movies. When he gets out of high school, he plans to...

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Stephen Kleckner


Stephen is a junior. In the fall he plays football. He also used to be on the Big Spring Wrestling team. In school, he is involved in the Sports Club. He briefly went to Northern York, but is now making the most of his high sch...

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Alexis Mearkle


Alexis is currently a sophomore at Big Spring and has a knack for photography. She took Mass Media to expand her experience in the media industry. Outside of school, Alexis has 6 siblings, three brothers and three sisters. In...

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Ava Mowery


Ava Mowery is a 16 year old sophomore, and is excited to be a part of the 2017-2018 Mass Media class! In school, she can be found in Student Council and Club CARE. Outside of school, she rides horses competitively and has been doin...

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Olivia Lusk


After living in California, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Oklahoma, junior Olivia Lusk finds herself currently attending Big Spring High School. Olivia is a new member to the Mass Media class, but is a familiar face in GEARS, Bo...

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Johanna Burrell


Johanna is currently a senior at Big Spring in the advanced mass media class.  After high school she plans on being a CTR in the Navy.  She is a swimmer and throws shot put and discus during track season.   In her free time...

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Jaime Yaukey


Jaime Yaukey is a junior and a member of the Advanced Mass Media class.  She is a field hockey goalie, a softball catcher and represents Big Spring as the bulldog mascot.  Jaime's plans after high school are to hopefully attend...

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Emily Parrish


Emily Parrish is a 16 year old junior this year, and she is part of the advanced mass media class. Outside of school, she enjoys softball and basketball and getting to hangout with her teammates. She is also involved in many things...

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Brenton Hanson


Brenton Hanson joined Mass media because he wanted to make professional films when he got out of school. Brenton is a senior in high school. He wants to do anything that falls into media when he gets older. He is not a huge fan...

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Sabrina Randall


Sabrina Randall is a freshman this year at Big Spring High School. She really is looking forward to playing field hockey with her favorite number 24. The classes she is looking forward to is mass media and video game design. Her...

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Alli Frick


Allison Frick is a 15 year old sophomore this year at Big Spring High School.  Alli is very involved with the school and enjoys many sports such as soccer and basketball.  This year, she is very excited about the new schedule and...

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Mackenzie Crouse


Mackenzie was born February 6, 2002. She has an older sister named Serena. She has two great Danes named Stu and Brutus. Mackenzie has gone to Big Spring her whole life. She is currently in 10th grade. The music she prefers is...

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Hannah Custer


Hannah Custer is 17 years of age and she is a senior at BSHS. She is a bright and hardworking student who participates in band and choir for her after school activities. Some of her likes and dislikes are that she highly dislikes...

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Hailey Gilligan


Hailey is a supportive sophomore at Big Spring High School and decided to take Mass Media because she likes to take photographs and wants to be on the Channel 3 News. Hailey likes to read and bake whenever she has free time. She...

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Ishmael Kirkwood


Ishmael is a junior at Big Spring and decided to join Mass Media because he loves to talk to people and enjoys being on camera. He plays basketball, participates in the 4 x 8 and 1600 meter runs in track, and runs cross country...

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Angela Schneider


Ms. Angela Schneider is the adviser for the Channel 3 News and the Paw Print Newspaper at Big Spring High School.  She has been teaching for 18 years, and besides Mass Media, has also taught Public Speaking, Theater, Creative...

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