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Leah Eichelberger
Practice interview, Hi my name is Luke Hand and I will be writing this section of the newspaper for today. My first interview was with a woman named Leah Eichelberger. She is 15 years old and has a couple of pets. Two dogs (Hunter and Darla), a cat (Luther, claims the cat is a devil), and two hermits (Seymour, Shela). Another thing is she wants to go to Bora Bora, simply to enjoy the view there and go zip lining. The last thing I ask her was what do you imagine yourself in 20 years. She responded, “I want to be a gym teacher.” The reasons are, she wants to stay fit and interact with kids. I think she will be able to do it since she voluntary babysits kids as a job. In conclusion, Leah Eichelberger is a woman that has eyes on the future.

Leah Eichelberger, Interviewer

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