Stadium upgrades please crowds


Jaime Yaukey and Jackson Drawbaugh

In August, Big Spring High School’s stadium was updated using 2.2 million dollars, with some additions being new bathrooms, new concession stands, and upgraded locker rooms.

The feedback on the upgrades has been mostly positive. Doug Lindsay, graduate of the class in 1981, is often inside the stadium supporting the Bulldogs and taking pictures for sports teams. “When I heard the news of the improvements, I was glad to hear about it.” Lindsay said. “It was overdue and the field needed a makeover. The bathrooms were bad and team lockers were too small. The concessions were cramped for both the band and athletic boosters with limited storage.”

Wolf Consulting Engineers was in charge of the managing and constructing of the new stadium. “I watched the construction all summer and when I pulled in the first day after it was completed, it made me very proud to be a Bulldog alumni.” Lindsay said. “We now have one of the premier stadiums in Mid Penn.”

Shawnee Smith, photographer and graduate of 1985, agrees that the stadium left her in awe when she first saw the new construction. “I was so impressed when I first saw the stadium. The old facility while adequate was showing its age, especially when you consider it was built in the late 50’s.” Smith, who had two boys graduate through Big Spring as well as herself, can also be found taking action-shot pictures around the sports teams. Smith provides photos to the Valley Times Star for which they then make a donation to the athletic boosters. In addition, if any fan or parent wants some pictures, she’ll request a donation to the athletic boosters.

“We’re still honoring the past with incorporating the Bulldog Wall at the entrance.” Smith said. “The new facility should last for many future bulldog generations.” Now that the stadium has been finished, Lindsay and Smith both agree that the next project on the list should be fixing the middle school roof- or getting an all weather track. Cori Witter, a freshman at West Perry, agrees with that. Witter says the stadium was really nice and everything looked great, but, “It would be a phenomenal stadium if they would put in an all weather track and turf rather than the grass and gravel track.”

Caitlin Quattrone, a sophomore at Carlisle High School, attends the majority of Big Spring’s games both home and away to support her BSHS friends and cheer loudly in Big Spring’s student section. Quattrone agrees that the bathrooms needed to be redone and the locks on the stalls are a good addition.  She believes the stadium looks really nice, and that the entrance is more organized. However, she wishes that the speakers in the press box would be fixed. “It’s hard to hear- the speakers sometimes don’t quite project over to the other side.”

Most people agree that the stadium has many benefits, including the new atmosphere it brought. “We are the Big Spring Bulldogs. We are proud of who we are, and what we represent. It will be enjoyed for many years by many fans and students that pass through our school. When the Classes of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond graduate, they will have lasting memories of their years at Big Spring.” Lindsay said, summarizing the thoughts of many.