Causes in high school looking for generosity


Sydney Hutchinson, Reporter

This winter students and staff of Big Spring High School are hosting various drives and collections, most of these new ideas that require the  help and assistance of students.  

Outside of the counseling office there is a bulletin board that says “Spread the Warmth”. With the cold weather appearing ,there are students that don’t have certain necessities, so there is a cart with hats, gloves, and scarves that is open to anyone who needs.

“Anything that the community can do to help the less fortunate, especially giving these things in the cold months, I’m sure is a great help to them.” said Taylor Hutchinson, sophomore.

“This is a great idea because there are people that need these necessities.” said Jordyn Wolf, also a sophomore.

As the Channel 3 News has aired, there is also a shoe drive that has been going on for about a week now.  Karley Kann and Bailey Lehmen are in charge of the shoe drive.

“The shoe drive is going well so far.  We have collected many pairs of shoes from many generous people.” said Kann and Lehmen.

They will continue to need the help from the students and staff of Big Spring to clean out and bring in used shoes that are still in decent condition to help others that don’t have as much.

This project, started by Kann and Lehmen, was an idea that stemmed from the AP literature course. Robert Hankes, teacher of the course, has instituted a  “20% time project” where students have to come up with a project to answer the question “How can you make a difference in the third world countries through acts of charity?”

Their idea is to be able to help people that are underprivileged during this holiday and winter season.

“Giving back to others who are less fortunate is an incredibly humbling experience and is a great way to make an impact in the lives of others.” Kann and Lehmann said.

These events can be a chance for more students to involved in there school as well as helping others.