High school hosts course fair


Olivia Lusk, Reporter

In order to prepare for the upcoming course selections, a course fair highlighting different courses for the 2018-2019 school year is under way. Last week was English, Art, Social Studies, Business, and Music courses. March 5 will be Math and Science. They will all occur in the library during B flex.

In previous years, the fair was known as the AP fair where teachers of AP classes could speak to prospective students. Now, the fair will feature a variety of different courses, especially ones that are new to Big Spring.

Nathan Gutshall is the head of the fair in order to earn hours towards his administration degree. “[The course selection fair] will basically be teachers talking to students about AP classes and also new courses.” Gutshall said. “I think a lot of students question whether they should take an AP class or not. Hopefully this helps them answer that question.”

Unlike last year, the fair will now highlight new courses. The math department has some new electives this year such as Applied Statistics, Mathematical modeling: Cogito, and Coding Gizmos: Javascript. English’s new courses include Real World Literature and Real World Research. Other new classes are the following: Design Thinking 101/Futurism, Vet Science, and Animal Science.

Timothy Kireta was in charge of the course fair last year, and has assisted Gutshall in hosting the fair. “It’s an opportunity to hear a description of some of our new courses and our AP courses and talk to the teachers about them.” Kireta said. “You can read about the description in the course selection pamphlet or see it on the news, but this is an opportunity to listen to the teachers and ask them questions.”

Gutshall and Kireta both agree that the course fair is helpful for students to talk directly to the teachers. “I think everybody should attend the course fair.” said Kireta. “I think people who are interested in an AP or rigorous course or anyone who sees a description of a new course and wants to learn more [should attend]. It’s an opportunity to learn more.”