Dodson wants to make good impression


Meg Ronan and Marissa Massare

Many Big Spring students saw a menacing figure at their class meetings, but Officer Jarreau Dodson would like students to know, although he is here to do a job, he is actually very approachable. Dillon Bennett said, “Officer Dodson looks kind of intimidating, so I would not be willing to walk up to him.” Bennett is not the only one who feels this way. Tristan Robb said “There should be no cops.” He feels safe without them, and said, “We are only a school. We don’t need a cop here.”

However, Dodson is here to stay and students should not let his serious exterior fool them. Dodson is excited to work with students as the new School Resource Officer. Picking up where Chief Koser left off, Dodson said Koser’s prior two years of work has made his transition to this position very smooth. Instead of having someone new to this field begin in this role, the Newville Police department and Big Spring administrators wanted someone with a bit of experience, and so Dodson stepped up to the plate.

With three years of police work under his belt, Dodson said “I still feel like a newbie. To compare, if I were in high school, I would be in the “sophomore year” of my career.” After serving as an officer in both Middlesex Township and Newville Borough, Dodson now has a different set of responsibilities. From 7 AM to 3 PM, Dodson is not just here to arrest people and search for drugs, as many students believe. Dodson said he can take on many roles-parent, teacher, or counselor- to fit certain situations that may come up. He looks to be a mediator between faculty, staff and students to keep conflicts at bay and keep the peace here at the high school.

Due to the fact that the school consists mostly of minors, Dodson says he has to handle cases differently. “Adult law and juvenile law are different.” said Dodson. “The purpose of juvenile law is not to punish, but rehabilitate. Adults should know the difference between right and wrong, so there is a punishment for them. Juvenile law is to gear them in the right direction so they do not have to deal with the consequences of adult law.” Dodson also encourages students to stop by his office if they have a problem or just want to talk; his door is always open. Students who see him in the hallways should not be afraid to say hello.