Rivalry burns strong in both springs

Matthew Ulsh

 It seems impossible not to get caught up in the Big Spring versus Boiling Springs football game hype. Social media is overrun by Big Spring and Boiling Springs’ students alike negatively taunting one another about Friday evening’s 7:00 game. On Pennlive.com, it was just voted the game of the week, and Channel 8 plans on filming the game; they also showed up at practice Tuesday. On Wednesday, the field hockey team pulled off a 1-0 victory over the rival  for the first time since 2012.  

But where did all of this start? According to several Big Spring Students, Boiling Springs’ football players showed up at multiple parties over the summer and were hostile toward Big Spring football players. That then led to an ongoing war of taunting on Twitter. Multiple people said that is impossible to get on Twitter and not hear something about the game. Cory Hoffman, head football coach for Big Spring said his players are ready for the game and he feels that this familiarity is like sibling rivalry, one not wanting to lose to the other. Both teams are undefeated at this point in the season as well.

Senior football player, Derek Sweger, said that he and the football team are only focused on the game, nothing else. It’s safe to say the game is going to be packed with extra security being brought in to make sure it’s safe.  Hoffman said,  “I’m not worried about temper, just tempo. As long as we execute, we’ll be in good shape”. It’s safe to say this rivalry  could be taking a backseat to the one with Shippensburg. Assistant superintendent Kevin Roberts said, “I feel that the football rivalry has spilled over from the wrestling team’s rivalry with the Bubblers.”

Preparations are already being made for the game such as a paint war before the game behind the stadium to show Bulldog Pride. It’s safe to say that both sides of the bleachers will be packed with fans who are readying and willing to be loud and proud to cheer their teams onto victory. The athletic department also plans on honoring veterans during the game, allowing them free entry. Guy Haslett father of the late Tim Hayslett, a former bulldog, will do the honorary coin toss along with his wife Mary singing the National Anthem to kick things off.

Any pictures taken during the game can use the hashtag,  ‪#‎PLGOTW‬