Backpacks allowed in school

Backpacks allowed in school

Jarrod Johnson, reporter

Principal Bill August said that because of the shorter passing time between classes, administrators have decided to change the rule about the backpacks and let students carry items on their backs.  Students were originally not allowed to carry the backpacks because of feelings after the school shooting in Columbine. Schools everywhere started having the rule to not carry backpacks in an effort to prevent weapons being brought into schools.

Most students say it’s a great thing to be using the backpacks to carry their school work; however, a few teachers think it takes up more space than they have to offer in their classrooms but still think it’s a good change for the Big Spring High School.

Michelle Bear, learning support teacher, said, “As long as it’s not a distraction and students use them wisely, it isn’t a problem.” Bear is for the backpacks and agrees with  August about changing the rule. But if something happens where the backpacks are being used inappropriately this may affect how school administrators feel about letting students have them.  

“It helps me get from class to class on time.” Jarod Anderson said. He also mentioned that it made it easier when he had classes on different floors. “Not having to stop at lockers every period to pick up a different binder is more work and more time than carrying everything needed for the next class in a backpack.”

As long as the backpacks are used for the purpose they were made for, the backpacks will stay here at Big Spring High School and make school life for students easier.