New teacher starts new club


Dillon Bennett, Reporter

Many of the students at Big Spring enjoy participating in outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing, and until this year the school has not provided these students with a club to discuss them.  However, with the arrival of Travis Barnes, recent addition to the science department, and Bill August, the new principal, things are changing.   

Christa Daugherty said, “It fills an interest gap.”  Now students will be able to talk about these things in an organized group.  While many may have their doubts as to how much students can actually talk about and do in a club that involves activities relying on firearms and sharp objects, and with the Big Spring High school’s  weapons policy, admittedly, it could be an issue.  But Barnes and August have discussed this and it will not be a problem.  

Barnes has some high hopes for this club and some very interesting activities in mind.  Barnes said “We will be focusing on whatever is in season.” and at the moment he will be focusing on the archery seasons, then possible fly fishing, muzzleloader, fall turkey, small game, and the rifle seasons.  There will be demonstrations on how to fletch arrows, tie flies and anything else that he is able to do on school property.  He plans on discussing tactics, success stories, as well as other techniques.  Barnes has even expressed a desire to have some out of school activities for the club, but that would require some discussion with the administration before it could become a reality.  

“The kids are very receptive to it.” said Barnes, and as of right now his club is full and some kids were even unable to get in.  He is also thinking about this club possibly becoming a twice a week occurrence so even more kids could be involved.  So for any student interested in this club do not give up hope there could be more openings.  Also it should be noted that this club is not just for the die hard hunters or those that might be labeled as a redneck, any student is welcome from the veteran hunter to the beginner to the catch and release fly fisherman.