Seniors make big plans


Marissa Emlet, Reporter

Although the first quarter of the year  is just wrapping up, many seniors are preparing for life after graduation by applying and visiting colleges, and planning new adventures. Hunter Grimes, a senior at Big Spring High School, is planning on going straight into autobody and collision repair. Although, Grimes said, “If I can’t do that I am considering joining the Marine Corps and then later attending a technical school.” Grimes is one of the many students who are considering going directly into the workforce rather than attending college. “Autobody and collision repair is the repair of anything that has to do with the body of a vehicle like dents, rust, scratching, and painting.” said Grimes. He is currently looking for a place to work after high school. The job would only require on the job training. Grimes became interested in autobody and collision repair last year when he bought a rusty truck that was in need of fixing. “My dad knew how to fix it so he taught me the basics and I took it from there.” Grimes’ near-future plans make him one of several students planning to do something different than many others at Big Spring.

Savannah Horst, another unique senior, is planning on joining AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. “AmeriCorps NCCC is a 10 month volunteer program for people between the ages of 18 and 24.” said Horst, “I would be put on a team of 8-12 people and would be based in Maryland, Colorado, California, Mississippi, or Iowa for the whole 10 month program.” The volunteer work for AmeriCorps consists of filling and placing sandbags to protect from natural disaster damage, planting new trees and removing exotic vegetation, educating communities on sustainability, trail work, working with organizations like food banks and habitat for humanity, and assisting homeless shelters, senior citizens, and veterans. “ This program is a great chance for people to serve others and meet other people that share interests.” said Horst. Choosing a college can be a tough choice and Horst agrees, “This is a better choice because I’m unsure of what college I want to go to and what major I want to pursue. AmeriCorps would give me time to figure out and solidify my college plans. This program would also probably provide me with more life experiences than a job, even though I would make more money with a job.” AmeriCorps awards its members with a $5,775 scholarship for college. Horst would be able to gain a scholarship, experiences and friends with the program. “It also looks great on college applications, resumes, and job applications so joining AmeriCorps would benefit me in the long run no matter what way you look at it.” said Horst. The application process for Americorps is about two months long. Horst does not yet know if she has been accepted or not, but she should find out within one to two weeks. “I’ve always been interested in traveling, living in a different area and getting to know people from different areas.” said Horst, “Most importantly, I want to help people and be given the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and communities.”