Protein shakes a problem in the gym

Matt Ulsh

It seems at times that one of the fastest ways to build muscle is to take protein in the form of a shake or tablet. Protein shakes are very beneficial to building muscle if the are taken appropriately and in a safe manner. More times than not though, they are taken at improper times or they are taken at too high a quantity. Making the search for faster muscle growth dangerous and sometimes useless.

To fully understand the benefit of protein shakes, it must be understood that the kidneys are tasked with  metabolizing excess protein in the body. If the body takes in too much excess protein, the kidneys will be strained by  all the work they are doing. This will increase the probability of getting kidney stones or cancer. More isn’t always better in terms of protein shakes but often harmful.

Protein shakes are sometimes not needed at all. If a person eats a healthy diet of vegetables, grain, dairy and meat they have no need for a protein shake. They are also not needed if the person hasn’t worked out recently. When someone takes a protein shake and doesn’t workout, it is like eating a cheeseburger. Proving that they are sometimes useless to building muscle.

There are also other ways of getting protein in a safer way than taking a protein shake. Meats are high in protein and many other. While dairy products are also high in protein also. It is suggested that a person intake .9 grams of protein for every pound they weigh. This protein though should be taken throughout the day in small chunks not in one sitting.

Then there is the issue of the taste of some protein shakes. Although they are flavored with such names as cappuccino or chocolate they often do not taste like that. Some people have to resort to flavoring them with other things such as milk or peanut butter. Making the point that if they don’t taste good then why take it. There are other ways to get protein in a better tasting manner.

In the search of getting muscles larger and stronger it is often thought that protein shakes are the only way. There are other ways though that are safer and taste better. Sometimes the way to get bigger and stronger muscles is just to eat healthy and work hard.